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Our Story

Meet Sharna, Damian and their son Billy and discover the journey that led them to babyluv...

It had always been our dream to settle down and plan for a family but after 10 years of trying for a baby we faced the impossible. We were going to have to come to terms with the fact that it wasn't going to be possible to have the baby we so longed for. We both had good jobs and they kept us going - and our motto in life has always been 'things happen for a reason' - but in this case it just wasn't so easy to accept...  

Then one day - which we remember so clearly as the day that changed our lives forever - we were both told we were being made redundant. Between us we had spent 18 years working hard for the same company so it came as a massive blow. Our hopes and dreams for the future all seemed to be crashing down around us. The reality started to sink in - we had just bought a house...we had a car to run...bills to pay.... what were we going to do? I felt sick. Through my queasiness I sought solace at a friend's house, hoping for some advice and a much needed distraction. But the sickness didn't seem to shift...and I realised I hadn't felt right for days - it was probably the shock I kept telling myself. None the less through my tears my friend decided to whip out a pregnancy test and insisted that I should take it there and then just to make sure it was just stress we were dealing with...

Words can't ever express the excitement, shock and sheer panic we felt at seeing the word 'PREGNANT' across that test. I literally screamed at the top of my voice and Damian and I simply held each other crying with complete happiness for what seemed like an absolute eternity. Redundant AND pregnant all on the same day!  What started as one of the saddest and most terrifying day of our lives was turning into one of the happiest. The pregnancy brought with it a new energy and gave us a reason to be happy - despite our financial worries. We were on the job hunt and planning for the future - a future we never through we'd have. We were going to be a family!


Times were tough but we were determined to get through it and build the life we had always wanted - the baby growing inside of me gave us both hope. The job hunting continued, but in the meantime money was tight and we had a baby to buy for. What were we going to do? We decided to compile a 'wish list' and every week we scoured and searched the car boot sales and second hand baby events locally in order to get what we needed. And it was whilst we were on this baby bargain hunting mission that we had that pivotal light bulb moment. With a background in retail we had always harboured a secret desire to start out own business, we just didn't know what. But what we realised at that moment was that all these items we were buying were nearly new and barely used - they had been quickly outgrown, were unwanted gifts or were duplicates of things parents already owned. Let's start our own baby business selling 'new' and 'nearly new baby products' and so the idea for our business was born - and soon after so was our little miracle son Billy!

After much planning and a visit to the bank of 'Mum & Dad' in order to negotiate some more financial backing for our venture, at the beginning of 2012 we launched Born Again Baby, which we soon decided to rebrand to babyluv. Juggling the business with adjusting to life as new parents to little Billy, we started small. We began selling from the very baby events and car boots we had bought our own bargains from. We were building our dream and Chesterfield Market offered us the opportunity to grow our business and take it to the next stage. As word got around and demand for our quality new and used baby items grew, we quickly went from 1 day on the Market each week to being there every single day.


Our popularity continued to grow and in order to satisfy our growing customer base we opened babyluv’s very first shop in Theatre Yard in October 2012. It was officially opened by the Lord Major and Councillor John Burrows and with careful budgeting and a clear strategy, we managed to continue to grow the business and were even runners up in the Derbyshire Times Small Business of the Year 2013 awards.


We expanded our range; becoming local stockists for brands like Redkite and Hauck. With a limited marketing budget we knew that word of mouth was always going to be our best form of marketing and so with the ever increasing popularity of social media we decided to spread the word about our shop via Facebook, setting up our Facebook page 'Visit our facebook page', which as of today has grown to have over 1100 likes. Social media has also allowed us to partner with other local businesses and offer our support to charities like the Children's Hospital Charity.

By December 2013 we were ready to move to bigger premises and we opted for our current shop which is just outside the new Market Hall in Chesterfield. That is where we are today; where we continue to grow and blossom as a business week on week. A real highlight for us, and making us realise how far we'd come, was being named as Chesterfield's Retailer of The Year 2014 for 'Children's Clothes, Toys and Accessories' category, which was voted by the lovely people of Chesterfield as part of the Derbyshire Times Chesterfield Retail Awards.


So what next? The next step in our journey was to get ourselves online, with a new and exciting website that showcased all that were were able to offer. We wanted to be able to better serve our local community, bringing an even bigger and better range of baby and children's products to the people of Chesterfield. We wanted to involve our customers in our new online venture with innovative ideas like ‘Share the luv’ where customers could join a product review panel and share pictures and stories of their own journey as parents - recommending to their family and friends the best products to buy. Inspired by our own experiences as first time parents, we also wanted to create a 'Wish List' function, where you can compile your own list of must have products to share with your family and friends - perfect for a baby shower! - you can even print it off and bring it into our store with you. We also have a 'Payment Plan' function as we recognise not all parents-to-be can afford their large baby purchases at once, so with a minimum total order value of just £50 and a 20% deposit you can secure your items and then make regular payments either online or in-store against your order so you can spread the cost and purchase all of your desired baby items. 


We must just say thanks also to Anna at Creative Asset, another local Chesterfield based small business, for all her support and patience - and for taking our hand drawn sketches and turning them into a reality!

Here's to the start of the next chapter in babyluv's history...